Vanity Top

Quartz Vanity Top

When it comes to choosing materials for kitchen and bathroom, two absolutely crucial rooms in every space, home or office, it goes without saying that vanity tops are one of the central elements. Very often they determine the look of the whole room around us. Fortunately, thanks to a huge number of reasons, such as low requirements on maintenance, variety of colours and surfaces to choose from, quartz is the number one choice as a strong natural mineral. As a supplier of great quality quartz tops to our clients in Malaysia,  Lalang Resources Sdn Bhd has an attractive offer for vanity tops.


It’s important to remember a couple of rules when choosing the right colour and surface of quartz for vanity tops. You can have cutout quartz vanity tops which require buying a separate sink or a basin, or integrated, which come together in one set. Either way, classic white, cream or darker colours are always popular and they may be coupled with bathroom or kitchen cabinets. Don’t worry about different sizes, quartz tops usually match stock sizes, and if you require custom solutions,  Lalang Resources Sdn Bhd will take care of any custom sizes you’d like to have. Quartz tops may be heavy, but they are virtually non-porous, which means they won’t absorb any liquid whatsoever. That means you can easily choose colours that may correlate well with your decorations, walls, cabinets… there are so many configurations! Quartz looks elegant with wood of different colours and surfaces. All clients will have a chance to realize their perfect visions!


Our business customers may rest assured our variety of quartz materials will appeal to the tastes of a general, formal and stylish look for their office. Office kitchen and bathrooms are more prone to damage and harmful impacts than home ones, but quartz vanity tops that using Galileo Quartz are guaranteed to resist stains, cracks, scratches, chemical blemishes and will retain the fine look of a polished, glossy surface. This speaks for practicality of having quartz vanity tops, but it also is a guarantee of a classy, opulent look that will impress everyone. We’re proud to say that we deliver this quality to our clients in Malaysia.


Vanity tops may prove universal both in dark, graphite, black colours or porcelain white, it all depends on the general design of the room. Our reasonable prices and a rich offer of quartz surface tops stands as a testimony that Lalang Resources Sdn Bhd  has the up-to-date knowledge and expertise to advise our customers in Malaysia on the best quartz vanity tops options and configurations.