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Quartz Countertops

Choosing the right countertops is a hard choice to make with such a variety of possibilities… But quartz seems to be the only winning option thanks to its unique combination of durability and undeniable beauty. As one of the hardest minerals on or planet, it also contains polymer resins, making it a hard and aesthetically pleasing surface material. We offer a whole gamut of colours and surface to choose from, while also covering services, such as installation and general maintenance of the surfaces we provide! 


As far is interior design is concerned, there are classic styles that will simply always prove timeless, stylish and impressive. Quartz proves to be one of those materials that will never fail in terms of their stunning appearance and intrinsic durability. Quartz infuses every room with a touch of luxury and style. What matters is to create a whole composition of elements that will constitute a dapper room!


Currently, it seems modern and minimalist styles and particularly in vogue, and quartz surface tops has found its place in them. As a top Quartz Supplier in Malaysia, we supplies clients with endless possibilities. Quartz tops can be polished, sleek, adorned with natural ornaments, or mixed with other materials, such as glass and metal. Contemporary interior design styles favour light, subtle colours, such as white and cream, which are both functional and elegant. Quartz countertops prove perfect for such designs, as they also create the impression of more space, light and lightness of effect. Marble seems completely unnecessary, since quartz is more durable, resistant to impact and stains, and requires virtually no maintenance. That means it is an ideal solution for a typical modern client that values comfort, style and functionality.


Quartz tops have so many advantages it’s simply hard to ignore them. Highly resistant to stains, durable, clean, with a variety of colours and patterns to choose from, its beauty is undeniable. At Lalang Resources Sdn Bhd  we’re aware of its timeless grace and allure, and we strive to supply our clients with best Quartz surface materials quality and prices. Interior design trends adore quartz and its charm cannot go unnoticed when designing a perfect home.


Whether you need advice on quartz countertops cost in your private home or for your office, we provide you with quick estimation and then look after the formalities. We also tend to the installation and finally, also maintenance, covering a wide range of services for our customers in Malaysia, no matter where you are!