About Us

Meet the experts in Lalang Resources Sdn Bhd who will present you with top quality quartz countertops

Who are we?

Lalang Resources Sdn.Bhd( 765538-K) is an experienced company that has been present on Malaysia quartz surface market for many years. This gives us the expertise and knowledge about how to guide our clients into exploring their best options when it comes to quartz and its many varieties. Our clients in Malaysia have come to know us for our full support, competitive prices and excellent quality Quartz materials. Be sure we are one of the best on Malaysia markets!

As a modern and progressive company, we understand that nowadays client needs and expectations should have the highest priorities. We’re doing our best to provide them with satisfaction and knowledge about current trends in Quartz stone materials and countertops. Whether it comes to office decor, big company spaces, or home design, we serve as the intermediary and deliver the best options. 

Quartz is a material performing well in both business and private spaces. Companies and business clients in Malaysia will find attractive offers and quartz countertops prices with us, while private clients will be impressed by the quality of our services, commitment to our work and, naturally, quartz materials we supply in Malaysia. With Galileo Quartz you will find success and satisfaction!

We’re also happy to ship products to overseas location, while in Malaysia we deliver products and provide services all around the country, and in cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Selangor or Penang. 

Meet The Team

Ready to meet our talented specialists who will deliver the best design solutions to you? At Lalang Resources Sdn.Bhd ( 765538-K) we not only deliver excellent quality quartz material, we also care about our customers and we simply love our work.

Benson Yeoh


Sam Foong

Marketing Head

Our Work Ethnic

We believe in a modern work ethic of respect for the customers and their need for materials of top quality. As one of many suppliers of Quartz surface tops in Malaysia, we have competitive, reasonable prices and  we have attractive offers for both individual and corporate customers. We’re serving clients in the whole Malaysia and we have gathered vast knowledge in the Quartz industry. We provide our customers with a wide spectrum of services, from initial conversations, through careful guidance, to final purchase and installation of the material.

Our Ideas

Quartz is an exceptional material and we specialize in supplying Malaysian clients with the best quality of quartz they can imagine. We are a team of experts who believe in quartz as one of the strongest surface materials that deserve all the attention it receives. Thanks to its aesthetic values and durability, quartz surfaces are versatile enough to appear in various rooms and spaces, such as company offices or private homes. We have the right knowledge about its qualities and variety of colours, and we’re devoted to our customers and advising them.

Our Happy Clients

We take great pride in satisfying clients who trust our services and our expertise about quartz stone materials. Our communication with customers, whether it comes to corporate or private clients, always relies on mutual trust and the common goal to realize whichever plans or dreams they would like to achieve. Choosing the right quartz is a difficult decision to make, and we’re always at our clients’ side to answer any questions and make their purchasing experience enjoyable and unique.