Galileo Quartz belongs to a group of finest Malaysian Quartz suppliers delivering excellent materials and assistance in choosing Quartz materials for office premises, commercial use, but also home decor, such as kitchen tops.We’re also experienced in looking after installation and maintenance services. Quartz countertops constitute a material of utmost quality and resistance. The company employs professionals who are eminent in assisting the customers while selecting the materials that cater to every client’s needs and requirements. Quartz materials offer a plethora of colours, ornaments and designs, that’s why we believe clients must be guided and advised as to what suits their needs in the best possible way. Excellent communication as well as client satisfaction – these are two fundamentals that Lalang Resources Sdn.Bhd (765538-K) believes in to provide the clients with the most comfortable purchasing experience, offering affordable Quartz prices in Malaysia. 



Galileo Quartz is a brand that’s seasoned in the knowledge about quartz stone, supplying and offering to its clients a wide variety of high quality, but also affordable Quartz stone prices. The company has been set up with a main goal: to provide excellent quality Malaysia quartz stone at reasonable prices. Quartz stone serves as a perfect material for countertops, as it is one of the strongest minerals in the world. Its construction proves highly resilient to heat, damage, impact, stains and any kinds of daily occurrences that take place in the kitchen. Quartz countertops require very low maintenance, compared to granite or marble, and Lalang Resources Sdn.Bhd ( 765538-K) recognizes the immense value of Quartz stone and strives to deliver the best materials in Malaysia. We also provide full installation and maintenance services for our quartz materials in Malaysia, including Selangor, Penang, Johor, Melaka, Sabah, Sarawak… Clients may rest assured they will be heartily introduced into the lush world of Quartz materials and duly guided to make the best choice among the selection of vibrant colours and traditional designs.

Our Mission

 is to devote ourselves to the idea of providing excellent, high quality Quartz materials to all our customers.

Our Goal

is to make sure that all clients are treated with equal respect and guided carefully in order to select the best Quartz countertops that will serve their needs.

Our Vision

is to deliver top quality quartz materials and professional service to all our clients!


Affordable Quartz materials? That seems like an impossible feat to achieve, however, Lalang Resources Sdn.Bhd (765538-K)boasts to blend quality with competitive prices. Clients may feel free to discuss any design ideas they might have about their Quartz countertops, and our team makes sure they stay abreast of the latest trends in interior design and decor. Our team of professionals believes that clients need to be inspired to select the best Quartz colours and surfaces they need. The process of selecting the best Quartz countertop must be an entertaining and creative experience – after all, the rich choice of Quartz surfaces offers endless possibilities! All this results in a wondrous and highly personalized choice in quartz design.


  • Unique quartz  materials
  • Universal quality and timeless elegance
  • High longevity and low maintenance requirements
  • Beautiful designs and assistance
  • Variety of colours and forms to choose from
  • Highly resistant to stains and damage
  • Excellent customer service
  • Highly aesthetic values
  • 10-years warranty

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